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The Contextual Background
The strategic plan of Rurii secondary school articulates the school’s vision for imparting educational instructions and identifies strategic issues necessary for realization of the vision. It also identifies   priorities   upon which resources will be focused.
Brief history and current status of the school.
(a) Preamble
Rurii secondary school is a public mixed day school located in Nakuru North District of Nakuru County, Bahati Division, Kiamaina Location, Rurii Sub-Location. It is 7.5 km east of Nakuru Town along the Nakuru-Murunyu-Wanyororo road off the main Nakuru-Nyahururu road. The school derives its name from the parent primary school which started it – Rurii Primary School.
(b) Brief History
The idea of starting the school was mooted in 2008 by parents of two neighbouring primary schools- Rurii and Baraka. The reason for staring the school was to absorb the large number of students who were terminating their school life after class 8 due to shortage of spaces in the few secondary schools that served the community. Later the parents of Baraka primary school withdrew and the parents of Rurii primary school continued on their own until the school was started hence the name Rurii secondary school.
The first group of students comprised of 19 girls and 10 boys. The first student was admitted on 4th February 2009. By the end of the year 2009 the student population had increased to 46; 17 boys and 29 girls. The school was first housed within the primary school compound in a temporary timber building belonging to the E.C.D class and it was fully run and managed by the Headteacher Mr. Karanja and the school management committee of Rurii primary school.
The school was first registered by the ministry of education on 16th July 2009 and issued with a provisional registration certificate number GROUP/A/7198/09. Currently the school is registered as double streamed Reg. NO. PV/S/2/7198/12. The school is sponsored by the D.E.B. The teachers who were teaching the first group of students had been employed by the parents.
The TSC posted a principal to the school in August 2009. In 2010, the students’ number increased to 129 and TSC teachers increased to 5. In the same year the school relocated to its current site and the parents built toilets for the students. An administration block and a classroom were built using money paid to the school by NAWASCO as compensation for part of its land that it had used to sink boreholes.
The first classroom had been built by Subukia C.D.F. in 2010 and in 2011, the C.D.F. built two more classrooms. Today, the school has 4 classrooms. The school has set up a science laboratory though incomplete and there is a temporary kitchen for the students lunch programme. In 2011, the student population increased to 211 and teachers from 5 to 12. In 2012, the student population grew to 255 and teachers increased to 13.
The first group of Form 4 candidates will sit for their K.C.S.E in 2012.
The school in future aspires to be a model school that imparts knowledge and skills that will help students to cope in the socio-economic life today and in the here after.


STAKEHOLDERSa.    parents b.    Studentsc.    surrounding communitiesd.    Teaching staff

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School location

The school is located in Nakuru County, Nakuru North District of Bahati Division, Kiamaina Location, and Rurii Sub-location. It is 7 ½ km East …

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