School Rules


School Rules
AIM: to provide a conducive learning environment that will enable virtue and academic development, there must be discipline in an institution, hence the following rules and regulations.
1.    All students must be in complete, neat and tidy school uniforms in school and on
school trips.
⦁    Short hair for boys.
⦁    Short or push back hair for girls.
2.    All students must be in school at 7 am to 5.30 pm. Lateness shall not be tolerated.
3.    When in school, sneaking out is prohibited. A student shall only leave school with written permission from the teacher on duty or the administration.
4.    All students must obey and respect those in authority, teachers, non-teaching staff and prefects.
5.    All students must take care of school property, any damage or loss will lead to replacement of the same.
6.    Any student found stealing property within or out of school shall be punished and surcharged the said property; with a penalty.
7.    Students must learn to respect each other’s opinion.
8.    Fighting, bullying or use of abusive language is forbidden. No student shall carry dangerous weapons (e.g. pen knives) that may harm others.
9.    All students shall behave in a manner befitting the community; avoid lying, noise making in class or shouting around in the school compound.
10.    Class assignments and other duties given to students by teachers or prefects must be completed.
11.    Games are compulsory and must be attended to by all students in the right attire.
12.    Use of drugs and intimate relationships are prohibited.
13.    Mobile phones are not allowed in school.

School location

The school is located in Nakuru County, Nakuru North District of Bahati Division, Kiamaina Location, and Rurii Sub-location. It is 7 ½ km East …

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Achievements 1.    Construction of 4 classes.2.    Construction of the administration block3.   …

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