1.    Construction of 4 classes.
2.    Construction of the administration block
3.    Construction of the laboratory.
4.    Increase in student population from 29 to 255.
5.    Increase of the teaching staff from 2 TSC to 11 TSC teachers.
6.    Construction of 8 toilets
7.    Construction of a gate.
8.    Purchase of furniture for teachers and staff.
9.    Cross-country, athletics and girls football advancement to the District level.
10.    Acquisition of games equipment – 6 balls, 30 pairs of boots.


STAKEHOLDERSa.    parents b.    Studentsc.    surrounding communitiesd.    Teaching staff

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School Rules

School RulesAIM: to provide a conducive learning environment that will enable virtue and academic development, there must be discipline in an …

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